Jimmy Hoffman Wall Art

Jimmy Hoffman is a photographer who originally came from the Netherlands but today lives in Spain. He found his love for his favorite subjects – insects – as well as his love for photography already in his home country. Hoffman was born in an artistic family, father also loved to take pictures of the local fauna and flora and he’s the one who greatly influenced Hoffman. The photographer’s first camera was an analogue Pentax, but today he usually uses a digital Canon whenever starting a tour. When he travels around the globe, that’s the camera which is always on board, and it helps him in finding many of his breathtaking images. He especially loves the immense diversity of life in Central America and Asia. Hoffman basically leaves interpretations to his viewers and whenever they interpret his photos correctly, he feels that his mission of producing the image has been accomplished.

And he leaves the big picture to other photographers. His use of color his keenness to detail enables him to make reference to time through his photography, something not many photographers can achieve. Through his lens, sees tiny details, subtleties of a moment he captures forever in his art photography. His photographs remain powerful pieces that he sells through reputable art outlets. He prefers to create his own brand of artwork defined by form, dimension, and color. His art availed for those who want to purchase ready art for their companies, homes, offices, institutions, or any other locations they may deem fit.

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