Milan Malovrh Wall Art

Milan Malovrh is a photographer from the beautiful village of Trzic in Slovenia. He has always loved photography and photo art and has practiced this hobby passionately for more than 40 years, and this passion shines through each and every one of his photographs. He loves photography because the camera reveals the often overlooked details of the world that are not that obvious at first sight. And it’s these details that are the focus of Milan when he grabs his Nikon camera. This photographer is passionate about the quality of his images and perfects his technique before deciding to shoot each and every picture. Motion and dynamics are the central themes of his art photography. It therefore came as no surprise when he turned to horses as his favorite subjects for his inspiration – more so to the Lipizzaner horses that are temperamental.

His technique has to be in the best shape for that perfect shoot. For him, Photoshop is only the icing on the cake. It was his dream from his childhood to have an opportunity to capture these wonderful creatures on film and this dream has come to pass, as he creates art photos that carry the viewer away. He’s participated in organized club events, group and solo exhibitions, and a few independent exhibitions. His art shows the soul of his subjects and by doing so they give rooms a very special feeling. That’s why many people are passionate about his photography art and not just the horse lovers.

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