Mathilde Guillemot Wall Art

Mathilde Guillemot is an artist and a cartographer based in Paris. His cartographic works allow the viewer to imagine possible journeys. Guillemot is a young artist who has developed a meticulous passion for his work within a few years working on all sorts of geographical maps. His art is on display in many galleries including the Univer Gallery in Paris. He calls his drawing technique a "cartographic code", and when he starts a drawing does not yet know where the line will take him, but he keeps on pushing and drawing. Thus, he composes his mental expeditions through the displacement of what he comes across and assembles them. At the boundary between the freedom of the line and scientific design, his maps bring to mind the experience of traveler-cartographers who once set out to conquer territories.

He leaves voids at random from the meeting of the landscape discovered in the maps that draw the viewers to gaze to see their own territory, and to carry out their own journeys. In his work process, the artist explores and walks through scientific codes to reveal a new sensitivity to the painstaking work of cartography. He held an exhibition in which he presented the diversity of his work from the time he began working as an artist. It featured transparent 2-sided maps, and some very sensitive maps in which the lines he used revealed landscapes so beautifully; the maps invite multidirectional reading. He says he never stops putting his eyes alert to spot what many people cannot notice easily.

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