Mario Moreno Wall Art

In spite of nearly lifelong handicaps Mario Moreno has been able to make his dreams of becoming an artist come true. He has been a dreamer who has been focused on being an artist all his life. He was born in Cuichapa, a beans-and-maize-producing small town of Veracruz, Mexico having approximately 12,000 people. Unfortunately, during his childhood, he was left him deaf and mute because of a severe infection in both ears. This prevented his going to school. Because of these considerable challenges, or perhaps in part in spite of them, he started to draw at the age of 9, and while working as shoe shiner, he sketched his clients whenever he could. As time went by, opportunities arose to develop his talents. He joined the Mexican Social Security Institute (the Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social) where he experimented with oil paints and watercolors.

In 1983, Moreno met a sculptor who taught him how to carve wood. About 10 years ago, he decided to move to the US to seek opportunities as a visual artist. His sister Maria encouraged him to move to Tennessee. This move has proved to be a good one. Just recently, with 18 other local artists, he made his professional debut at the first collective art exhibit which was organized by the Metro Nashville Arts Commission. He earned immediate praise and recognition after this exhibition. The experience gave him renewed confidence and enthusiasm in his talent. His colorful portraits and landscapes transport viewers into his unique world of modest symbolism and magical shapes.

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