Redstreake Wall Art

Redstreake is both a full time graphic designer and full time mother. She is also a prolific artist who is highly sought after for her work in pastel and watercolor. Her work as an artist began before kindergarten, and she could spend most of her free time drawing and sketching. She found solace in drawing and painting throughout high school and college. Watercolors found their way into her repertoire only recently when a friend introduced Aquabord to her as an alternative surface to paper. Years ago, poor materials turned Redstreake off to watercolors, when her first workshop included poor brushes, a cheap watercolor pan and flimsy paper. So turned off was she that she refused to ever use watercolor again or to try another class.

But an admirer of her pastel work suggested she try again, but this time using much better paints and Aquabord. She was skeptical, and wondered how this could be any different from painting on paper. She took home a palette full of Daniel Smith watercolors that the friend had squeezed for her to try along with the Aquabord. She painted a cactus fruit and the result was stunning. It was 'love at first brush stroke.' It was the control and color she had over the working paint and surface that drew her into painting. She noticed that Aquabord’s surface doesn't wrinkle like paper since it is rigid. And with its absorbent surface, the paint glides on, is simple to remove in subtractive techniques, and layers easily. Redstreake teaches watercolor classes in Tullahoma, TN at the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center.

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