Jennifer Lommers Wall Art

Jennifer Lommers is a Northwest Artist who specializes in Acrylic Paintings: Still Life Images, Modern and Abstract Landscape, Bird, Floral, and Sea. She began her love of art and the outdoors at a young age, hiking and camping every summer and painting and drawing animals, often using her Birds of the Northwest manual and her beloved "Ranger Rick" magazines as reference. Jennifer aspired to follow her love of animals into biology, and this re-kindled her love of art at the University of Washington where she received her B.F.A. in 1992 under the guidance of Eugene Pizzuto and a distinguished and talented group of painting professors. She then went on to receive her Art Education Certification at Western Washington University in 1995.

Jennifer typically paints from memory; she quickly layers thick and thin applications of acrylic paint and focuses on the variety of color and texture in combination within the natural forms of the composition. She also uses acrylic "image transfers” from her own drawings to bring more complex elements into her paintings, often representing her personal totems. She wants the viewers to be able to see and identify the various elements of her painting without concern for photographic reality. She gives them a vivid glimpse of the moment, much as their own emotions and memory may capture it. Today, she continues her passion for the outdoors, hiking and running the trails of Corvallis, and demonstrating, painting, and teaching in her downtown studio space. Her artwork is found in many galleries all over the world.

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