Edwin Lester Art Prints

Edwin Lester was born in Philadelphia, PA. He is a self-taught artist who brings a very sophisticated and technically advanced style of realism to his figurative and atmospheric paintings. His work centers on themes that are important and personal to him: the central role of God in the union between man and woman; biblical creationism; and family and children. For the thirty-four year old artist, art and life are one, and life and his belief in the teachings of the Bible are inseparable. He brings the joy he has found in his religious to the act of making art. "I just love what I do”, he says in his artist statement, “and when I walk out into the world each day, there is so much to see, so much to paint. For tomorrow is not promised. So today I will say what I can, do as I must and paint what I can even if it's just one stroke." The popular artist has produced a successful line of best-selling limited edition and open edition prints and has exhibited at artist’s fairs and shows that include the Philadelphia Art Expo. His work is widely collected.

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