Jay Zinn Wall Art

Jay Zinn (Born 1951) was born in Dayton, Ohio and grew up during the 50’s through to 60’s in a family of 5 kids in New Carlisle, Ohio. In his young adult years he took courses in art at the Central Academy of Commercial Arts in Cincinnati, The Dayton Art Institute, and a short period at the University of Cincinnati. His goal and dream was to work for Disney someday as an animator. However, in 1971, his life took a different course when he joined the Air Force and became assigned to hospital administration. This is where he worked until 1975. During his time in the military he joined a little Baptist Church in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and became “born again” in 1972. In the following year, he received new orders to Anchorage, Alaska where he met his wife, Roseann in a Christian coffee shop.

The two got married in 1974. Jay is so grateful for the support his parents gave him in his formative years. His parents called out their individual talents and funded it, celebrated it and encouraged it. As for his break into the art publishing industry, his youngest of three sisters founded the Penny Lane Publishing Company. She recruited Jay as one of her artists and had him design over a hundred images for her line. After working with his sister for 20 years, illustration grew tedious for him and he began to lose his love for doing art. But his son suggested he tries his hand at doing contemporary art for outdoor living spaces. He loved it and launched into exploring his own free-flowing style of art on steel.

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