Douglas Chun Wall Art

Douglas Chun is a fine art artist, gardener and an enthusiastic traveler who was born in Guangzhou, China. He has spent all his life searching for experiences that add value to his body and soul. Having been interested in art from a young age, Chun went ahead to study art at the Honolulu Academy of Art and later proceeded to the San Francisco Art Institute. After completing his studies, he ventured into creating illustrations for different companies and individuals. Through his firm, Chun/Ishimaru, he served the Bay Area in the design and architectural disciplines. He worked for 35 years in the commercial field before retiring to focus on making paintings on subjects that interest him. His primary mediums are acrylics and watercolor while his base supports are paper and canvas.

Chun’s works are displayed in several private and public collections globally. His works are sold as originals directly to customers while others are sold as limited and open editions through Ericksen & Elins Fine Art and Editions Limited. The company distributes the artwork to different locations nationally. Chun’s main subject is landscapes, which he so much loves, having also been influenced by the place he currently resides in Haleakala on Maui, looking over the Pacific Ocean. He loves the beauty of nature, particularly the environment around him and the people who live in it. From the subjects around him to his personal experiences, he tends to capture every aspect the best way he can. Chun prefers his works to remain simple and to amplify the beauty of his subjects through that simplicity.

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