Elizabeth Harris Wall Art

Elizabeth Harris was raised in Massachusetts and Arkansas; the daughter of artist Darby Lucette White. She’s primarily a self taught artist. She’s a trained physician by profession - Elizabeth received her MD from the Boston University School of Medicine, with residencies at Faulkner Hospital and Boston City Hospital, preceded by her pre-medical studies at Harvard University. She also holds a BBA from Southern Methodist University. She’s a recent recipient of A.R.T. Fund from the Berkshire Taconic Foundation. Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions both regionally and nationally and is held in several international collections. She works with oil paint, resin and pigments mixed with molten beeswax, along with marble dust and graphite. The artist fuses the acts of drawing and painting into beautifully layered surfaces that suggest a sense of deep illuminated space.

With repetitive mark-making, scribbles, lyrical scrawls, deep scratches and gouges, her work is rich with associations to spirituality, science and language. Elizabeth has been in the arts business for many years, within which time she has managed to pull a network of clients, friends and associates. She loves what she does and says she can never imagine doing something else. Her medical background helps her to choose and understand her subject matter. That’s why her images invoke emotional feelings in her viewers. Currently her images adorn the walls of many buildings around the world, including institutions, homes, galleries and museums. They are also found with many collectors who like to stock them in large numbers.

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