Nick Kalathas Wall Art

Nick Kalathas is a wild life photographer who believes that this art is not just about photographing animals. He says that when one looks at wild life photos, they don’t simply want to see what the animals look like. That’s something they already know. They want to see the bear capturing fish from a river, the eagle soaring in sky, and the deer leaping across the field. Kalathas is a wild life photographer who emphasizes on life. Animals in his photos look like wild animals, and it’s not only that, they also behave like wild animals in their natural state. This is the kind of communication with the viewer that’s the keystone in Kalathas’ photographic vision. For him, successful photography is about communication and vision. He says that a great photograph is about his vision, and also about how he takes his that vision and then successfully communicates that vision to the viewer.

His interest in the photography art started early. He remembers as a young boy, watching for the fist time an image appearing before him magically, on what was initially an ordinary piece of paper, submerged in a tray of water. It was neither the tray of water, nor the ordinary paper, but he was hooked on this magic. Like many other artists, he was enthralled by the ability of cameras to share and savor life experiences. Kalathas is however also interested in the more practical parts of photography. Kalathas is very much an outdoor's person, camera equipment in hand, at every opportunity he heads for the outdoors, always hoping for that perfect shot.

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