JJ Galloway Wall Art

JJ Galloway was born and raised on the east coast. She devotes much of her time to depicting the beauty of the commonplace. She attended Bloomsburg University and then went ahead to study at Tyler School of the Arts in Pennsylvania. She paints everyday objects with a pop art twist and in a classical style, and she experiments with sentimental and nostalgic icons of urban life. JJ is the mother of two and lives in Severna Park, Maryland with her husband and children. When she isn’t in her studio, JJ can be found at the National Portrait Gallery where she teaches guests art and portraiture both through studio hours and in the galleries. JJ is an artist who has displayed her artwork in several gallery shows, and has been published in several magazines.

She is passionate about creating artwork that captures the viewer with textures and contrasts and bold colors. She works diligently to achieve art licensing opportunities and representation in the art licensing world. Her works can be found in many outlets all over the world, in a variety of finishing options. Her use of color and texture displays her continuing interest in forms and shapes. JJ is good at manipulating texture, color and other elements of art to bring a perfect balance in her art. She has developed her own unique way of producing her art which makes her work to be easily recognizable. The quality of her art speaks for itself, and the choice of her subject matter is such as to endear her viewers to her art.

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