Mindy Sommers Wall Art

Born and raised in New York, Mindy Sommers is an American artist who specializes in home decoration. She currently resides in the rural part of Vermont with her long term Texan husband, Glen. Mindy also lives with Marcie and Casper, two cats they love and refer to as their children. Her love for color is clearly portrayed with the all-purple color on their two hundred year old house. Her love for art has extended to the trees in her compound that she has also painted with different colors. Apart from her interesting lifestyle, Mindy’s art is the one thing that has earned her reputation in United States and on an international level. In addition to graphic design and digital art, she also designs logos for various companies in the USA. Some of her artwork includes stained images on glass made in different colors and shapes.
Other than a grown reputation, Mindy Somers is a multiple award winning artist whose artwork has been adored and displayed in book covers, graphic and art magazines. Her good art paid off with fame and an increased fan base. Positive response and increased demand in her work led to her decision of opening up Color Bakery. Situated in Vermont, her hometown, Color Bakery is a fine art company that deals with home decoration, gifts, custom tiles, furniture, clocks, serving trays and more. Being an inspiration from her website by her fans, Color Bakery custom makes tiles, furniture and other personal gifts to meet her clients’ taste and preference.

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