Kay Carlson Wall Art

Kay Carlson is a California Plein Air Colorist who owns the Sausalito Art Gallery. She embraces the Impressionist tradition and presents Paintings from the Northern California landscapes, San Francisco Bay Area, Northern Tuscany, and Napa Sonoma Wine Country Vineyards. She received a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin and then enrolled for her postgraduate study at San Francisco Art Institute. Kay’s work with oil on canvas and marble bring to viewers an abundant universe of transforming color. Her intention is to see beyond the physical qualities within a landscape. Her passion is to see and capture with oil paint how the influence of light changes color. She is inspired by many of the same historical sources as the Society of Six, the California Colorists. The American and French Impressionists have also influenced her work. She chooses locations which have certain wildness, where the story and essence are more than lines and contours.

While on the coast near her longtime waterfront studio in Sausalito, she explores special times of the day when the atmosphere, clouds, and waves create a visual drama. Her preferred palette is vibrant with the yellow of spring mustard, scarlet of autumn vines, and a myriad of blues, grays and lavenders that reflect seasonal changes. In the fields of Tuscany Italy and the Napa-Sonoma wine country, she works with outdoor easels returning often for one whole day to capture the effects of shadow and light. Kay wants to create images which light up her viewers’ lives with the sensuality and abundance of the natural world.
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Boat Of Myself
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36" x 26"
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