Amalia Lopez Wall Art

Amalia Lopez is a graphic designer with a passion for vintage typography, clean graphics, inspirational quotes and mid-century design. She carefully chooses what truly inspires her and turns it into special prints and homewares for her clients. After holding her first successful exhibition and receiving positive reviews from critics and viewers, several others followed. Her artwork is much admired for her ability to combine freedom of medium and accuracy of observation with a polished finish. She’s particularly good at conveying the psychology and pose of her subjects. She has received a number of commissions from many prestigious clients and her works have been purchased by some of the wealthiest collectors in the world. With her style of painting, Amalia’s pieces of art look very realistic.

She wants her viewers to experience the same joy she feels while working on her art. All her products are carefully designed by her with a near-fanatical attention to detail. The artist takes pride and great care in producing items of the highest quality possible. She likes to travel a lot and her inspiration comes from these travels – the people she meets and the places she visits. She uses archival fade-resistant inks and heavy weight papers that are designed to last a lifetime. Those who purchase Amalia’s art do so because they are attractive, durable and inspiring. She invites viewers not to hesitate to contact her about her work or about what she can design for them. Her art is in many galleries and collections around the world.

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