Tracy E. Miller Wall Art

Tracy E. Miller grew up with the horses and her dad used to take her with him on his outdoor adventures in the Colorado Mountains. Her parents were incredibly supportive of her artistic activities. Today she is a professional artist whose work is loved by many collectors some of whom have remarked that she captures the essence of animals. She loves her work and hopes it speaks to her audience. Her style is Contemporary Western Expressionism and her medium is acrylic because she loves bright colors, fast drying time, and the opaque and transparent qualities. Acrylic paints help her to express her inner optimism and spontaneity. She enjoys exploring her creativity and learning new techniques. She paints automatic and intuitively. She lets abstract forms and colors guide her to her finished work.

Some of her paintings can be found at her very own studio and gallery located in Manitou Springs, CO at 16 Ruxton Ave. where she also represents other artists of The New West. Tracy takes PayPal invoicing and all major credit cards should anyone like to purchase an original. She also does commissions and clients find her very easy to work with. She also ships. She has several pieces of artwork to her name but the contemporary colorful paintings of bison, horses, and other animals of the west are her favorites. She paints them in a bold and expressionistic style. Tracy has always been mesmerized by color. Her world is light and full of happy surprises. She is a versatile artist who is mostly passionate about color.

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