Aaron Jasinski Wall Art

Aaron Jasinski is a painter and an illustrator from the United States. His paintings have been shown across the United States and internationally. He mainly illustrates album covers, children's books, and also creates electronic music. His paintings often feature pop-culture, musical and melancholic references spiced up with whimsical creatures and social commentary, utilizing a Technicolor palette. Jasinski grew up in a family of musicians and his love of music is a major influence in his visual art. He currently resides near Seattle Washington with his wife and 4 children. Jasinski imagines his painting as one piece of a two-part puzzle. This imaginary puzzle is completed by the unique perspective and experience as each person brings who views it. He thinks all great pieces of art say something about being human.

According to him the audience and the artist work together to discover what the art says. “What each gains from experiencing art is as unique as our personalities,” he says. His hope is that when viewers take a look at his paintings they will conjure up their own stories and surprising discoveries. His family is one of the best things in his life. He says that he gets a lot of inspiration, happiness, and motivation to work from his love for his family. He also draws on his childhood, current cultural issues, and things he loves like fantasy, sci-fi, classic video games, pop-culture references, movies toys, etc all blended up into some kind of visual stew. His kids love it best when he paints robots.

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