Martin Smith Wall Art

Martin Smith grew up in Brisbane, Australia in the bayside suburbs. He had a speech impediment and his teenage years were spent observing and watching, as he was too embarrassed and shy to speak. His inability to express himself during this time left an indelible mark on his personal history and has provided the momentum for his artistic enquiries. It is therefore not a surprise that his art practice is primarily about language and the modes of representation used to interpret and express personal experiences and feelings. Among the methodologies of the studio that he employs is the combination of vernacular photography with traditional story telling writing. The images and the text have no literal relationship and he’s very careful to avoid any noticeable connection between the two. Smith writes personal stories and then hand-cuts the text out of the image. The letters that he removes from the image are collected and then captured by the picture frame.

The removed text punctures the surface of the image and disrupts the way people view and read the work. The viewers can’t fully view the image because of the removed text and they can’t read the text without the image. This creates a constant back and forth movement between the two. When viewing the textual and visual oscillation between the two narrative devices that have no literal connection, the viewer finds a balance outside the picture frame in a new space that’s discursive. Smith currently teaches at the Queensland College of Art/Griffith University in the photographic department. He’s also a doctoral candidate at Griffith University. His works have been exhibited internationally at Hous Projects in New York, Photo LA, and the Hong Kong Art Fair, Photo Paris.
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Country Barn
Fine-Art Print
36" x 24"
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