Michael Kitchen Hurle Wall Art

Originally from London, Michael Kitchen Hurle moved to rural Somerset in the 1950s. He has managed to cultivate a great love of the rural world and has been painting wildlife since he was 10 years old. Self-taught, Hurle works mainly in watercolor and acrylic as these allow him to work in as much detail as he wishes. He later moved to Warwickshire where he now lives with his wife. He has exhibited extensively, and his paintings hang in public and private institutions and homes and in Directors' Boardrooms around the world. They have also been shown on TV. Following a number of working trips in the bushes of Africa, two major exhibitions of his work were opened by the renowned Born Free Foundation actress Virginia McKenna. In keeping with the quality of his work and his expertise, limited and unlimited edition prints have been published by leading companies.

His images have been used for giftware, plate designs, home stationary, calendars, collectors’ mugs, and greetings cards. His original prints and paintings are now sold through select galleries and are also available direct from the artist. Hurle has contributed artwork for several books and has also written articles for quality magazines. The artist has produced work for The Scottish Landowners Association, the Royal Agricultural Society, Riding for the Disabled and The National Trust. His work has improved tremendously in the last few years. He credits this success to the many hours he dedicated to observing flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

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