Konstantine Rodko Wall Art

Latvian painter Konstantin Rodko (Born 1908) was based in the United States. His parents were Estonian and Belarusian. Rodko married his first wife in Latvia and had 4 children. He’s known for painting. During the Second World War they lived in Germany until 19 August 1950 when they were able to leave for New York from Bremerhaven on the USS General Harry Taylor. It was in the United States that his painting talents came to the limelight and he sold them on the streets of New York. The artist lived in Brooklyn with his children. Unfortunately, he divorced his first wife and then remarried a woman called Dennison Kate. The second wife was also a painter and they sold their works together. The couple decided to move to Long Island (Sea Cliff), where they lived on the 2nd floor of a Russian school.

Rodko painted his best works there while Dennison Kate, his wife, made many miniature paintings there. Rodko would give paintings as gifts to his 4 children and sell some. He also loved to listen to and play folk music and Russian gypsy music, speak Russian and paint Russian scenes, which is why many thought he was Russian. Toward the end of the 1980s, the family moved to Brentwood, Long Island where they lived until 1984 when Kate died of a stroke. Rodko died in 1995 - he had 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. His paintings that he left in the home were never given to his children but were sold off. His works are in private collections with his family.

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