Raymond Knaub Wall Art

Raymond Knaub (Born 1940) is an artist born and raised in Nebraska. He specializes in creating paintings mainly depicting different landscapes. His love for nature and landscapes sprung from the farming environment where he lived together with his parents of Russian-German decent. Knaub applies his brush strokes to capture the environment in a manner that reaches out to the viewers' emotions. It's through his meticulous details and the display of nature's subtleties that his works evoke memories and exemplify simplicity. He uses oil medium and captures the best in light, space, harmony, and figures. After receiving a scholarship due to his high school athletics, he went to Waco, Texas-based Baylor University from 1958-60 where he was studying engineering and math. At some point during his study, he decided to take drawing classes and he got fascinated with it. Knaub then decided to transfer to the University of Nebraska where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. His desire to learn more drove him to continue with his postgraduate education at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Knaub is mainly captivated by traditional themes, having been influenced by the works of Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper. Besides directly selling his artwork through galleries, his works have also been exhibited on diverse platforms, including the Mountain of Oyster Club Annual Show (Tucson), Watercolor USA, Coors National Western Exhibit Invitational (Denver), just to mention a few. His works have been featured in a number of publications such as Western Art Digest, Art Talk, Who's Who in America among others. US Embassy in Moscow recently featured his work.

"I view my paintings more and more as a visual poem that hopefully creates a spirit of place. That view, a romantic one, is as valid as any art movement today. We, as a society, have to regain or discover the beauty and sacredness of the earth. I suppose, in a nut shell, that is the significance of my life's work!"

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