Steven Valiere Wall Art

Since 1978 Steven Valiere (Born 1952) has resided in the Hawaiian Islands and the memory of aboriginal cultures and breathtaking waves he lived side by side with, has never left him. He continues his passions for travelling, painting and surfing, living on Kauai’s north shore. After 35 years of international surfing, Valiere doesn’t just know his subject matter; he has lived it every day of his life. Living in southern California as a teenager during the sixties, rock ‘n roll was the heartbeat, surfing the driving force, and art the soul that shaped the artist’s world. A self-taught artist, his works in acrylics creates bold surfs capes that celebrate the delight of gouging bottom turns, carving fades, sweeping aerials, and deep tube rides that he does with the grace of a Balinese dancer. He has been surfing for more than 50 years, and has traveled all over the world.

That explains what his art is about — the perfect wave, boat trips, barrel waves, big waves — it’s inspiration from his life. A collection of his paintings are showcased in Po‘ipu at Josselin’s Tapas Bar & Grill. The paintings were taken straight from the walls of his home in North Shore, and many of them have never been displayed before. The artist uses blobs of acrylic paints to create texture within each painting. And he’s always very careful not to mix the paints. That means he’s very deliberate while making sweeping strokes with his brush. Each complete painting is then varnished to give them a glossy effect that looks like oil painting.

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