Anthony J. Rudisill Art Prints

I believe that the world of nature is the single most important factor in life, and I have created lifelike paintings and sculptures of waterfowl and currently paint realistic depictions of land and seascapes reflective of this philosophy. Wildlife art is often straightforward and allows for little diversity. My creations, however, contain a story... a story left to the imagination of the audience but filled with a sense of happening and interaction. I strive to achieve a sense of realism so great that viewers of my work will feel they are standing along the beach, cliff or mountainside experiencing the beauty of nature firsthand. I work primarily from photographs I’ve taken of scenes that inspire me, including the familiar bay area where I make my home, and places I encounter while traveling. I have worked in many different mediums throughout my career, including watercolor, gouache and wood sculpture, and have been primarily focused on birds as subject matter. Today, however, I am drawn toward the broader subject matter of land and seascapes and have shifted to acrylics as my preferred medium, favoring their durability and the vibrancy they bring to my work. These changes have brought a new sense of excitement to my work, and with each new piece I find a renewed sense of freedom and creativity. After nearly 50 years of painting and sculpture, I continue to strive for new challenges and enjoy tackling the seemingly impossible subjects, bringing them to life in a painting with a few sketches of my pencil and mere strokes of color with my brush.

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